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In 1978 our company started as an individual proprietorship. Activity: machining, special tool machine manufacturing, lathe-work, drilling, milling, grinding.

In 1982 the number of employes and our profile were expanded. Our special tool machine manufacturing branch was significantly improved and we started the implementation of patents and contrivances with 24 workers  for Swiss, German, Canadian and Czech markets.

In 1991 on a plant with a 860m2 craned workshop and 70 employees we started the foreign supplier activity with a Swiss multinational company. Activity: industrial services, hydrographical works, water-gate manufacturing, installation with complex implementation, hydraulic press and tool manufacturing for vehicle industry bodies, machine manufacturing, various metal-work. Manufacturing of custom-made constructs from sheme documentations with welding and machining.

In 1995 our company moved to a 2 and a half acre plant. We determined the direction of our works development toward supplier activity for foreign companies. At this point we started the machining of large cast components on CNC controlled machines with the support of engineers, using CAD/CAM systems when necesary. The possibility of 3D machining is available since then.

Thanks to our efforts 85% of our work comes from orders of foreign companies. We have notable foreign and domestic partners: Iron-foundries, different representatives of the railway and energy sector from the field of energy production and transport.

We are partners with German, Finnish, English and French companies from different fields of industry. Our goal is to become the determining middle-sized industrial company of our city and region.